4D3N Big 5 Of Borneo - Kinabatangan River

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the breathtaking wonders of Borneo, where nature's treasures await at every turn. Join us on a captivating tour that immerses you in the mystical rainforests, lush landscapes, and extraordinary wildlife of this enchanting island. Get ready to witness the magnificent beauty of the orangutan, proboscis monkey, estuarine crocodile, rhinoceros hornbill, and Bornean pygmy elephant in their natural habitats. 


Day 1 

        1600 hrs      

Welcome to Sukau Greenview Bed & Breakfast! Get a briefing of the activities
during your stay with us and checked in to your room. 
Cruise the afternoon in Sabah’s
longest river and one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, The Kinabatangan River.
Watch wildlife abounded along the banks and visit one of its famous tributaries to have
a chance to look for the Big 5!
(2 hours cruise)

        1830 hrs      

Enjoy dinner of Sabahan special dishes at our riverside restaurant.



Day 2 

        0530 hrs      

Wake up call

        0600 hrs      

Cruise among the fogs and feel the cool morning breeze. Hear the songs
of the birds while on watch for Proboscis monkeys, hornbills, and other
(3 hours cruise) (Packed breakfast in boat)

                yatch breakfast
        0930 hrs      

Continue to explore the jungle and hoping to see the
Orangutan aside from seeing the different plants and unique
trees around.

        1230 hrs      

Relax on the restaurant and enjoy your lunch.

        1500 hrs      

Set out and continue searching, whatever is left on the list of our Big 5.
The afternoon is a good time for the Elephants and Orangutans as well. (3 hours)

        1830 hrs      


        1930 hrs      

Light up for the night cruise and we’ll hope to see the Crocodile and maybe
some cats as a bonus.
(1.5-2 hours)


 Day 3 

        0530 hrs      

Wake up call

        0600 hrs      

The morning cruise is promising for Hornbill, Orangutan and Crocodile.
(3 hours, packed breakfast in boat)

        1230 hrs      

Lunch is served.

        1400/1500 hrs      

This cruise is special and hopeful, we’ll continue to complete the list.
(3-4 hours)

        1830 hrs      

Dinner is served.


 Note: Kindly pack all your belongings and travel smoothly the next day.

 Day 4 

        0600 hrs      

If the Big 5 has been completed, this is a bonus cruise! If still on search, let’s make this last chance and may luck be on
our side.

        0800 hrs      

Breakfast is served and presentation of your certificate.

        0830 hrs      

Check out and drop off for your next destination.



check mark 2 Schedule transport (Non-Private)
check mark 2 Three night accomodation at Sukau Greenview B&B
check mark 2 Seven river cruise
check mark 2 One morning walk
check mark 2 Nature guide
check mark 2 Rubber boots/wellies
check mark 2 Meals as stated in the itinerary
check mark 2 SST (6%)


close Air Fare
close Tourism Tax
close Binocular
close Raincoat/Poncho
close Beverages
close Others not stated



 Travellers Deluxe / Superior
    Adult (Min 2 Pax) - Scheduled Transportation  MYR 2,505 per pax  MYR 2,400 per pax
     Adult (Min 2 Pax) - Private Transportation  MYR 2,805 per pax  MYR 2,700 per pax
 warning    Tourism Tax RM10.00 per room per night will be collected upon check in.


B5 2   B5 3
B5   B5 4
B5 5   B5 6


  1. REFUND: In the event of heavy rain, for the safety of our guest, we reserve the right not to conduct the boat cruise or jungle walk. Any cancelled activity will be changed to a night cruise on Day 3. No refund is available for cancellation after the tour has commenced, or in respect of any accommodation, transport or any other services. For cancellation at least 4 days before the tour commences, 50% will be refunded (from deposit or full payment made).

  2. RESPONSIBILITIES: The organizer has the sole and absolute discretion to cancel or shorten duration of any tour in the event of force majeure, hostilities, accident or other circumstances beyond the control of the organizer which render it necessary in the organizer reasonable opinion that such steps be taken. The organizer shall be relieved from all liabilities and obligations resulting there from.